Women, Life, Freedom 

By Sonja Hamad


Client: Sonja Hamad (Photographer) and Min-young Jeon (Curator)

Dates: August-September 2018

Category: Exhibition


Exhibition design for the first solo show of photographer Sonja Hamad in Kreuzberg, Berlin. The exhibition ran for one month and was based in an old supermarket-turned-events space in the ground floor of an old Berliner Altbau building, facing a square of typical Berlin plattenbaus

Three white, freestanding walls were built to add extra hanging-space for the images as well as to loosely divide the room. The walls were positioned in such a way as to guide and direct visitors through the exhibition, establishing carefully curated connections between photographs. A sound installation was built into the far end of the room, hidden behind the third wall and encased in black fabric. The existing materiality of the space was left entirely as is; the new, minimalist walls were designed to contrast with the rougher interior of the old room. 

Working drawing

Working drawing

Interior model photo

Interior model photo